Bank Transfer Hack

We Transfer to Most Bank Worldwide using our hidden Secret Techniques. All Funds Transferred are 100% Cleaned and cannot be Traced back to us or Used against any Client.


Bank Transfer Hack

All monetary transfers make use of dedicated networks which are called Exchange Servers. Each transfer system has its own exchange server. What we do is buy exchange logs from Darkweb gurus called Exchangers and we use these logs through extensive techniques to hack through these transfer services and make 100% safe and reliable transfer to you. Once you make your request/order and pay the corresponding fee payment to the Darkweb Exchangers, they would provide us with the Logs and other Tools necessary for the hack, and then we would use it to complete the hack within 1 to 6 hours depending on server respond time. After this is done, a successful Transfer which is totally safe would be made to you. The Funds would reflect in your account within the set time (24 hours) but in some rare cases, depending on the amount sent, it may take longer. We would send you the corresponding receipt of Transfer upon a successful Transfer

Pricing Table






Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours



Money transfer to your account in 24hours


Easy Transactions

All Transactions with Ultimate Tools Hackers are Easy, Simple and Straight Forward.

Guaranteed Delivery

We Take Full Pride in our Skills and We Guarantee Fast and Untraceable Deliveries.

100% Safe & Secure

Security of all Our Clients & Safe Transactions are also Top Priorities to our Team.

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  1. Tommy Wayne

    This platform is the best. My girlfriend got pregnant and we both had no job at the time. And our parents wanted no part in the baby drama so what Evelyn and I had was just us and our little one who was still growing. We both quit school and took up jobs to pay our bills and also save up for the baby. But due to stress, my girlfriend got preeclampsia. There was little money available for her treatment and we lost the baby too. No one was willing to help but my friend James had once talked about Moneytransferhackers and he was so sure when he spoke about it. So I took out the $5,000 savings we had for baby Zoe ( that was supposed to be her name), I put in the first $2,000 as a first try and because I didn’t want to lose all the money. In less than no time I received $20,000, I checked to make sure it was real by making payments for Evelyn’s hospital and medicine and it worked the money was real. I also cleared out sound outstanding debts. Then I put in $3,000 and got $30,000 transfers with no stress at all and I have been making cool cash from here ever since. Now, Evelyn is recovering fast, our lives are now better and we will be getting married soon. Thank you

  2. Martin Jones

    Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, I was separated from my family. I was in France and my family was in Australia. I had to travel because of work but during the lockdown, sending money became very difficult until my colleague Sam told me about I tried $2,000 and my wife confirmed the $20,000 transfer within hours and it was so easy to use and they are transparent too. I kept using them till I reunited with my family after the lockdown. soon I will be traveling again and I will definitely use their services. Thank you so much

  3. Ben Liam

    I want to share my experience and assure you that this platform is a career and lifesaver. So I was awarded a contract for a building construction some time ago and the materials for the job were going to cost me about $2.4 million. After arrangements were made with two different companies to handle the supply of the materials for the job, I made all payments for my purchase with about $1 million each deposited to both suppliers’ accounts. One of the supplies was delivered but the other supposed dealer duped me. This was so painful because i already had all my plans laid out with goals aimed to finish the job in the shortest time possible. Now I was short of materials and I was left with about $400,000 which was not enough for the supplies I needed. I started writing to banks for loans that were declined a million times over, I surfed the web for ways to make the cash I needed, and all this time, I was running low on cash at hand. Then I stumbled on this site, although, I had enough cash to go for the $100,000 package to yield me $1 million since I was not too sure and I was desperate for money, I tried with $30,000, and within a few hours, I got the transfer of $300,000 I made payment with the money and my purchase was delivered, I was so shocked. I tried it again to double-check with the same amount and I was not disappointed. Then tried the $100,000 deal and $1 million was transferred to me. Wow. the feeling was amazing I had finally gotten my money back, purchased the materials, and started work immediately. Now the work is 90% complete with the help of Moneytransferhackers. And I am very happy that those loan applications were declined because by now I would have been in debt with the banks. Moneytransferhackers has earned my trust and I recommend them to anyone

  4. Katie Brown

    I love Moneytransferhackers. They have been helping me pay my daughter’s tuition fees. At the time she was offered admission I was so sure we had no way of meeting up with her fees. But my Son, Thomas came home one day and said Mom we found a way with all smiles on his face. And when I asked how? He replied with “Mom how much do you have saved up?” My reply was $15,000 and he told me we were going all in. I was really confused as I had no idea about this site, He saw the confusion on my face and gave me a complete breakdown of how it works. He told me he had tried it out with $500 and received $5,000 in return. He was so confident and wanted to go all-in as he said earlier but I was too scared to lose money so I agreed to a $10,000 deal within a short time, we received a transfer of $100,000. Omg, I was so excited and didn’t know when I shouted: “we’re going all-in”. LOL. Now we are doing good and I have no problem at all with tuition for my kids. Thank you so much Moneytransferhackers this is coming from a very happy Mom.

  5. Emily Shane

    So I started working at a very young age and by the time I was 22, I had saved up to $19,000. I got married at around that time too to my ex-husband. I Had no idea that he had a lot of financial problems as I had told him about my savings. After our wedding, he kept borrowing from me and never paid back and he made almost no attempt to make money or get a job. By the time I realized this, I was already very low on my savings. And after our divorce, I had already lost everything I had spent years working for. It was so difficult for me at the time. But 4months ago I bumped into an old friend, I shared my experience and predicament with him and he let me in on I tried the $1,500 transaction and got a whopping $15,000 transfer. I tried again with $4000 and I received $40.000 without any delay. I am so happy that help me put my life back in order. Now I am a better woman

  6. Caleb Smith

    Best decision I have made in my 35 years on earth. My job at the coffee shop was definitely not covering all the bills I had to pay. I obviously wasn’t making enough and i kept checking every night for best ways to make cool cash in a short time as i was very very late on almost all my payments. Just last month i came across this site. Mind you i have been scammed before by some other sites but I had faith that a genuine site like this one was out there i just needed to find them and i finally did my first deal which was $1000 got me a quick transfer of $10,000. I just had my last successful transaction yesterday and I have plans for more transactions. has made my life better.

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