Hackers Gain Access to and Empty CashApp Accounts

Several Cash App customers have reported hackers taking their monies, and scammers are selling access to accounts on the dark web. According to the people Motherboard spoke with, hackers are breaking into naive victims’ Cash App accounts and stealing hundreds of dollars. According to one person, Cash App did not pay them for the stolen funds.

It’s frightful! In an online chat with Motherboard, Liz Shelby claimed that their son had been hacked. “My son gathered some money for a little trip with his grandmother. Before he went, we added it to his Cash App. On August 9, he called me and informed me that his money was lost. Shelby claimed that after checking the account, she discovered that someone else had accessed it and wired the money to themselves. Shelby claimed she tried emailing Cash App support but had no luck.

“I’m not getting anywhere and I’m sure my son will never get his money back,” she added.
With more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store, Cash App is one of the most downloaded payment service apps. Large-scale cash giveaways on social media are another reason why Cash App is infamous. The payment services provider Block, formerly known as Square, is the owner of the app. The business is led by Jack Dorsey. Another victim, Marvis Herring, told Motherboard that thieves tried to take $1,400 in two installments of $700. Herring thinks his bank stopped the fraudulent transactions in those instances.

Motherboard observed a large number of additional people posting on social media about how their Cash App accounts had been breached. The main oddity, according to Herring, was that when she attempted to update her account password, she discovered that Cash App accounts don’t actually require a password. Users can create an account with Cash App by signing up using either their email address or their phone number. Following that, a login code is provided to one of those.

Many people seem to be selling login information related to Cash App accounts on scam websites, dark web marketplaces, and social media. The postings for some of these people mention that the logs include the email address and password for a connected email account. Some of the listings may be scams, but those on the dark web markets come from fraudsters who, according to the review system that is typical on such sites, have garnered favorable feedback from fictitious clients. According to one listing for compromised Cash App accounts, the dealer had sold that particular item more than once.

According to one listing, “Our Cashapp accounts are of the greatest quality and we supply them at the most affordable prices on the market today.” Detailed Information Recently Compromised According to the ad, purchasers receive the compromised login credentials, the victim’s cookie file, and details like the IP address the victim used. Fraudsters may use this information to fool websites or apps into letting them log in as the user.

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Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc., allowing users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. One of its unique features is that it allows users to make changes between cash (USD,EUR, GBP, etc ) to bitcoins. Like every other transfers systems, there is a database and transfer framework where records all registered users, account balances, transaction histories are kept. Also for every transaction made, there is an EXACT TRANSACTION LOG created which registers the cash app transaction and communicates with the servers on corresponding actions.

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  1. Mike Harris

    Having used the service on a regular basis and for a number of years, I have noted a progressive improvement in overall service, the website is easy to use and the speed of transfer is incredible. On overall performance, a 5-star rating would be more than justified, and would always be given especially for a very quick transfer during the COVID period at the time when things were so difficult. On that occasion, I was most impressed by their speed and their ability to keep to their words of speedy transactions. Moneytransferhackers is the best

  2. William Oneill

    The transfer services come with the best rates I have seen so far and they respond quite well especially when you have some issue to rectify (I’ve had such experience once and it was quickly sorted out by the team). The site has made thing easy for most of us especially in this difficult times. Thank you moneytransferhacker.com

  3. Matt Benson

    This the best website to use for money transfer especially when i am away at work and my family back at home. Initially i was hesitant because most people complain about services like this and international transfers were even worse. but you never know unless you try. and now i cant stop purchasing the transfer services when ever i need money quickly or i hav to sen money to my family. I really am thankful to this website. You are indeed the best.

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  5. Petrus

    I have been sending larger amounts of money from Europe to my son in the USA. Every time a smooth transaction would usually take a few seconds at most a minute to complete. When I made a mistake and sent an email I got a prompt and helpful response. They have always given me the value for my money and I have no regrets with Moneytransferhackers. I would recommend their services.

  6. Ian Holt

    Moneytransferhackers is easy to navigate
    Moneytransferhackers is easy to navigate. I have Never experienced any difficulties. And as so many others would agree. One time I sent them more pounds than needed and they automatically and quickly returned the excess back to my account which was very reassuring. The sending fees are the Most inexpensive that I have ever seen. Customer support is *Top Notch”. I will use Moneytransferhackers always.

  7. David Johnston

    Very cost-effective
    Very cost-effective – simple to use – very helpful when things are not straightforward. Excellent – I cannot think why anyone wanting to send money abroad would not use this service. They really came in handy during the covid lockdown.
    WELL DONE Moneytransferhackers

  8. Haider Khan

    Its a good Service
    Its a good Service. Especially when you are using it within Europe.

    1. Admin

      Hello Haider Khan,

      Thanks for leaving a review, this means a lot to us.

  9. Miranda

    Excellent website
    Absolutely marvelous, can’t fault Moneytransferhackers. Excellent communication and customer service. It happened just the way it was stated. My brother in Bulgaria was also surprised at the speed of the transfer and the surprise increased when I told him about the rates. Now he uses their services even more than I do. Great rates and high-speed transfer without hassle. I highly recommend them

    1. Admin

      Hello Miranda,

      Thanks for leaving a review, and mentioning the MTH team. You’re right, MTH is always going above and beyond. We’ll be sure to share your praises with them!

  10. Laszlo Hejja

    Easy, Economical, and Lightning Fast
    We use moneytransferhackers to send funds each month to our son who is attending university overseas. It’s super easy, economical, and lightning-fast. The last time he had the money in his account in 30 minutes!

  11. Kevin Rodri

    Excellent Service
    I did a Cash app transfer from my UK account to my Spanish Account and the services were excellent and faster. Surprisingly it took less than an hour. moneytransferhacker.com sure does keep to their word.

  12. Maria Toth

    Where do I start? This is a very big testimony. Last year my aunt sally was down with cancer and we needed $23,000 for the hospital bills and my cousin and I could only afford $2,000, very pathetic right? Now the good part, I was surfing the net on how to get quick cash and I found Moneytransferhackers. It seemed like a very big risk because we had little time and no money too but life is all about risk and I was ready to try this one out. lol. I put in the $2,000 we had and within 1 hour, received a $20,000 transfer I was so shocked that it worked. but the money wasn’t enough as we needed $3,000 more. So, I repeated the transaction and got another $20,000. This got me about $38,000. With that, we paid for the hospital bills and settle other outstanding debts. Moneytransferhackers gave me the biggest testimony of last year now am stuck with them. Thank you very much

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    ALL THANKS TO moneytransferhacker.com. They are very true to their word. I’m so happy I kept pushing till I found them. and you get to purchase directly from the site that way you can monitor your transaction and be sure you’re dealing with the right site. a lot of scammers out there but this place is so real.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Moneytransferhackers

  14. Magnus Hengevoss

    A few years ago, I had a bunch of debts to settle and it was all so rough at the time. Then I found Moneytransferhackers through a friend’s referral and after the cash app funds hack. all debts have been settled and over the years, I have been consistent with them and have had nothing but good, speedy professional service from them. After inputing my relevant bank details the speed of the transaction from my UK account to my French account is measured in seconds. Very secure.

  15. AdamF

    my past 2 years have been so wonderful. Imagine making $40,000 within a week. I can’t even hold my joy. I used to work at construction sites and series of works has caused me constant back pain giving rise to the need for regular medications. I spend so much from the little I earn just to be healthy enough to go back to work. On my first transfer, I was not so sure as I was a little scared, I didn’t want to be a victim of the various scams I hear about. But I just had to try cause they say you never know until you try. so I tried and I received the money in the 50th minutes. I knew this cause I was so conscious of the time. my most recent transfer worked within 30mins and I thought to drop this review. I highly recommend this site.

  16. Albert Dennis

    Awesome services
    Awesome services the cash app transfer was done in no time and I can assure you that it was a stress-free proceess
    I never recommend moneytransferhacker.com to anyone

  17. Thomas Gross

    The best way for easy cash app transfers
    The best way to transfer that I know. They did so well when I had serious money issues and I didn’t have to wait for so long Very good Tracking and much cheaper than others I’ve seen. I do recommend moneytransferhacker.com

  18. Evan Acosta

    I’m so excited about this site because they did so well during the covid 19 lockdowns. I was in Russia and my family in Germany needed money real bad. I was so lost cause I was unable to go out and make the transfer and the limit on my bank app was too low compared to the amount of money my family needed at the time. Then I tried this site after much persuasion from a good friend ( thank you, Max). Max assured me of a trustworthy and fast transfer. After I paid the charge which is really friendly compared to the bank charge, I got a call from my wife in less than 1 hour that she had received the money. I also did another transfer to my son and that did not take much time too. I have been using their services every since. moneytransferhacker.com is really very reliable.

  19. Louise Mc Quillan

    A few years ago, I had a bunch of debts to settle and it was all so rough at the time. Then I found Moneytransferhackers through a friend’s referral and after the cash app funds hack. all debts have been settled and over the years, I have been consistent with them and have had nothing but good, speedy professional service from them. After imputing my relevant bank details the speed of the transaction from our UK account to our French account is measured in seconds. Very secure.

  20. Richard Wesley Peden

    They are cheaper and faster.
    The moneytransferhacker.com is the best with no Glitches the customer service is just wonderful and the payment takes effect almost immediately, They have never given me any transaction problems

    The fees are the same as stated. with no hidden charges at all which is quite surprising. They are the best I have seen and most of my friends now use this site. Its been 4years now and I will keep recommending this site

  21. Saeed Arif Balquizi

    I never ever faced any issues with Moneytransferhackers
    I never ever faced any issues, been using Moneytransferhackers for a year now and the customer service are so fast at supporting you. My last cash app transfer was incredibly fast. I recommend them to everyone

  22. Debra Margaret Custins

    Fantastic service
    Fantastic service, both myself and husband have accounts and now with moneytransferhackers has saved us lots of charges. My husband introduced me to this site. I needed money and I was so sure he didn’t have money to spare at the time but he was able to transfer me $10,000 against the $7,000 I needed. We have been using them ever since. Highly recommend this website, their customer service is also 5*

  23. Paul Ronald Lewis

    Excellent service with no dramas. I sent money from Australia to my cash app account in under 1 hour. The best transfer time ever. I also made a transfer to my brother in Japan as the need was very urgent, the transfer arrived within minutes. This got me really impressed because of my bad experience with other sites from the past. Thank you very much MTH

  24. Ray Kopczynski

    Wow. I am so happy I found you guys at the time I did. many times I doubted the authenticity of moneytransferhacker.com. I am hard to convince and the proof has to be very real. my friend Joe did 2 transactions $700 for $7,000 and $500 for $5,000. Both transfers worked within 2 hours. I immediately did $1,500 for $15,000 and it worked like magic. I am so proud of this decision. The transfers are true, fast, and very easy to understand. moneytransferhacker.com is the real deal with the best offers cause i already checked others and their’s charges aren’t as good as this

  25. Artjoms

    Love it
    Love it. Most convenient website most interesting exchange rates on the market. I received the transfer in my cash app account in less than a minute. moneytransferhacker.com is very impressive

  26. Fouzia

    I have been using Moneytransferhackers since…
    I have been using Moneytransferhackers since early 2016 to send to family in 2 different countries and have found them very efficient and prompt.
    My family have received money into their cashapp account in less than 2 hours in one of the countries.

    They also give you comparison sites to check rates.

    I fully recommend them

  27. Nick

    Convenient and trusted service
    I have used Moneytransferhackers lots of times to top up my cash app account. Used their website. Never had a problem, the service and transfer have been quick, indeed lightning-quick as always, and trouble-free. If I have a technical worry or uncertainty about how to proceed, their customer help has been reassuring.
    The exchange rate has always been extremely competitive and their fees modest. Highly recommended by me for the use I have outlined.

  28. Agnes

    Thank you so much. Moneytransferhackers
    my son just finished from Dortmund University. When he was admitted, it was so hard caused there was no money for tuition at the time. When I was first told about Moneytransferhackers, I was in great doubt but it was so real, and am so sure of it cause Moneytransferhackers helped me pay my son’s tuition fees up till graduation. I am so grateful because in all it has changed my entire life including my family.

  29. Tarkan Turgut

    right before I started transacting with moneytransferhacker.com. My mom was so sick and we had no money. It was so hard to cope. Then i came across this website. They help out with the transfer at a very minimal charge. My entire family thought it was a joke. But it was so real. my mom is fine now all thanks to God and moneytransferhacker.com. They have really changed my life and that of my entire family. They are trustworthy, simple, fast and cheap too. Thank you moneytransferhacker.com.

  30. David Alan J

    Moneytransferhackers is an excellent tool to send and receive money because it charges very little. I have had to send money from Australia to my family in Bulgaria and the charges have never been a problem and the transfer arrives right on time. I have been using it for nearly a year and I am very happy. because they have saved me a lot of cost

  31. Ron W

    I have used moneytransferhackers for some years…
    I have used moneytransferhackers for some years now, and they are BRILLIANT! Fast, easy, seamless. I made a mistake on a cash app fund transfer and they fixed it with no fuss. Well done guys, highly recommended ?


    Fast Transfer, Quick and Accurate Support
    I’ve been using Moneytransferhackers for quite some time and made a lot of transfers. Every time transfers have gone through fine and were always on time. I can clearly remember the first time when I saw the money, I actually thought it was fake. They are so good. I’m amazingly satisfied with the service. Also, kudos to their insanely quick and accurate support. Keep up the good work ? ❤

  33. John Gosling

    Swift, reliable and superb value. Regularly used with confidence. I highly recommend moneytransferhacker.com

  34. malcolm brown

    Transferred money from UK to Australia
    I Transferred money from UK to to my children in Australia, and it was completed in less than 24 hours. The fee and exchange rate were excellent. Checked out two other websites with no fees but the exchange rate was nowhere near as good. MUCH better off at the Australian end.

  35. Nigel Lippard

    4+ years using Moneytransferhackers -I have saved a fortune.
    I have been using Moneytransferhackers for over 4 years now for transfers to many locations in the EU and Asia. The financial impact of using MTH after using others for transfers is considerable and would run into the thousands of £‘s overall.
    The site is well designed intuitive to use and I have had only one problem in the period using it which was my error in transferring the incorrect amount – this was resolved quickly and efficiently. I always use VPN security while traveling or away from home and have had zero security issues

  36. Mitch Guy

    Moneytransferhackers has helped me increased my credit level. It’s been 3years with them and I have not had a single problem with them. After my mom’s accident things started going south. She had to stop working and we almost lost everything. I found Moneytransferhackers and I have made lots of money from all my transactions with them. They are the easiest to work with and their charges are wonderful too. I have always gotten the value for my money. Now I can properly take care of my mum and 2 siblings all thanks to Moneytransferhackers

  37. Chitra Kariappa

    Have had an excellent experience with…
    Have had an excellent experience with moneytransferhacker.com so far. They saved me from my many debts. I am so happy now I can foot my bills without any sweat. I was so unsure at first but I have made over $65, 000. Thank you Moneytransferhackers

  38. Amanda Jesson

    I am a researcher and need to pay respondents overseas. I had previously used other sites- which was a complete nightmare, with huge charges on both sides of the transaction. I discovered Moneytransferhackers a couple of months ago and it’s a lifesaver. It has honestly saved me a fortune on international transfer charges. Now I can conveniently pay respondents overseas without fear of too much cost

  39. Kara

    Has anyone had a negative experience ?

    1. Cameron Williams

      Yes! I had a negative Experience the first time i started dealing with them although it wasn’t their fault as blockchain delayed payment confirmation which was later resolved. I had to wait an extra hour from the stipulated time before my transfer was initiated. They are truly the best because ever since my transactions with them have been instant and on time per say!

  40. Dadashova

    Moneytransferhacker.com has over the years helped my take care of my relative who is disable and cannot work. With their help, i can send good amount of money from time to time and spend less from my end. I wish this site will last forever. Thank you guys

  41. Wynne Hyatt

    I am very satisfied with the service becuase the financial support for my family i paid for was successfully sent directly to my daughter’s account. It was really fast and without any hold ups

  42. Veronica Stephens

    When you have 2 kids, both with special needs and little or nothing to go by as a single parent then you will certainly understand the importance of an easy money website like this one. I do almost all the work for my babies because i could only afford a small amount of the best kind of care they require and deserve. It wasn’t easy and i was always searching for a better way to get more money with less work and time because my kids needed all that. I always surf the internet too to get answers to my many questions and one time i was almost lost money to one of those scammers who are never true to their word. I have read about cashapp money transfer hacks in the past so i knew exactly what i was looking for and when i came across moneytransferhacker.com website i knew i had gotten it. I followed my guts and after all my enquiries, i paid for the service and almost immediately, i received $10k on my cashapp account. I was really happy and i sincerely wished i had paid for a much higher amount. Every since, my babies and i have enjoyed our best lives yet, i can afford all the care money can buy and i have more than enough time to spare for them and myself too. i am very grateful to God and MTH for their help. It worked for me and i am certain it can work for others too. I will always recommend.

  43. Hillary Akera

    The services here are truly the best and life changing. 3months ago i was in a terrible debt, Already cleared out my bank to settle it but it was not enough. I struggled a lot and my job was not good enough to give me the kind of cash i needed at the time. I couldn’t ask family members cause everyone had problems of their own so i had to find a way. I was in a restaurant on one of those days when i overheard some lads talking about money transfer services and how they had made thousands from sites like this ones i was interested so i asked to join in on the conversation and thank goodness they let me in on it. They legit told me some sites were fake and gave me a list of top 10 i could go for. Because i wanted the best i went with this site, moneytransferhacker.com and it was indeed worth it. 3months ago i had to loan some money to purchase the cash app transfer but right now, my life is at the best point it has every been. My first transaction worked perfect and its been perfect every since, i have no complains i have done a few international transfers too using same service and i certainly would recommend for everyone who wants to turn their life around for the better.

    From Hillary

  44. Nessa

    I am greatly satisfied with services rendered here because when loan applications fail especially at the time when a business venture is at stake then these services and more especially from a site as good as this, is the next and best option. I almost lost the juiciest contract i have ever had since i started home decorations. I am a stay at home mom so getting a $50,000 loan is almost impossible. I was referred to this site by my boyfriend because obviously i had no other means of getting that amount of cash. He assured me and i listened because i really wanted to get my business rolling and i didn’t want to miss this particular deal. My boyfriend helped out will all the process and all, we made the payment for the $50,000 package and once the $5500 payment was confirmed. we were instructed to wait 30 mins to receive the money. i was really shaky cause i couldn’t afford to lose such amount at the time. Finally the $50,000 came in and i literally passed out in shocked. Best decision i have made all my life was to listen to charlie and purchase the money transfer hack.

    Many thanks to you and your team

  45. Romnick Evasco

    This is actually the best site i have worked with when it comes to money transfers. The customer rep does deserve a raise, hes very good at problem solving with great people skills too. I have received my money and the process went as smooth as i hoped for. Thank you MTH. I highly recommend

  46. Chris Mkala

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