So by now, you should know that almost all these checkers kill the dumps. when you try to check the dump. But also, is not a very smart idea to walk in-store with an unchecked card and face a Pick-Up Card message in the POS. So for avoid killing the dumps but also for your safety you have to somehow check the dump. In the post about the online checker I mentioned “call the bank” method . Today I will talk more about this method and about another one to help you check the dumps without killing them.

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Let’s say few more words about

“Call to Bank” method
Each bank has a toll free phone number which can be used for different purposes like balance check,card lost report,recent activity,transfer etc. You can use this number to make sure your dump is alive. And the Pick Up Card message won’t surprise you on the POS.

So here are the steps you have to follow to check the dumps. But this is not a track checker so it will only help you to know if your dumps is or not alive.

  1. If you don’t know the issuer of the dump then check the BIN using a BIN lookup service like  or any other free service.
  2. Once you know which bank issued your dump,google search and find the toll free number of the bank.
  3. Use a Virtual Private Phone Number service ,like Skype ,to call the bank. Also you can call the bank using a prepaid Sim phone number.
  4. When you call the bank,you will get an auto response which will give you the list of options. In the options list ,you will have “To check your balance ,press X”. Select “balance check option”
  5. After you will be asked to type you card number,some bank will request the expire date too. So type the card number of the dump and if is necessary the expire date.
  6. Now if your card is alive ,on this step it will be requested to you to type some security code (it can be last 4 of SSN or the PIN ,date of birth ,etc). If this happen mean that your dump is alive.
  7. AIf your dump is not real ,after you type the card number you will hear “Please re-enter your card number”. If the dump was used and is Pick Up Card,your call will be transfer to Anti-Fraud Departament…..time for you to end the call.
    At this point you know exactly if you have a real good to use dump, a fake dump or an used dump.
    But if you want to “play” , in case you have a good dump. You can move to next step which is Optional ,for fun or research
  8. So after you input the card number. You will have to input the security code (which ,as I said,can be last 4 of SSN, date of birth ,PIN ,etc)

!!!!If you will have to type the last 4 of SSN,and you will input 4 aleatory digits. If the dump is alive you will hear an error message like “please re-enter your code”. Don’t input other 4 digits because usual if you do it 3 times you will block the card.
Of course if what you have is a dump with pin and as security checking bank request you the PIN you’re a lucky guy. You will have to input the PIN and listen the balance.
Enjoy checking!This method is a general method ,if any of you want to add any observation about any particular bank,feel free to comment.


  1. If you don’t want to use a Virtual Private Phone Number and chose to use a prepaid phone sim. Then not use your regular sim.Buy a new sim and use it only for this work,them remove it from your phone.
  2. If you are living in let’s say China and you intend to check a dump issued by a bank from USA . Then you can’t use a prepaid sim card so you need a Virtual Private Phone Number.
  3. Even a free Virtual Phone Number will work.
  4. This method is not a full track 2 checking method so make sure you bought your dumps from a trusted person. Because if the dump is generated from a good alive cvv ,the dump will still be delcined in POS.

If the Call to Bank method is clear , I want to talk now about the second method on dumps checking, which is very simple and easy to use….

“ATM checking”

The ATM ,the dream of almost all carders. Too bad ,dumps with pin are so difficult to get. But the ATM still can be useful for every carder even if you don’t have a dump with pin. It can help you to check the dumps you have and even better,is a full track 2 checker ,more efficient that

the Call to Bank method To check the dumps

  1. Encode the dump on a plastic using the msr as you regular doing
  2. Walk to an ATM .
  3. Insert card in the ATM and wait for the message “Type your PIN”
  4. Type any aleatory 4 digit number as it would be the PIN then press “OK” or “CONFIRM”
  5. At this point ATM will request you to check from “Withdraw ,Check Balance,Transfer ,etc”
  6. Select withdraw and input any amount.Then press “OK/CONFIRM”
    At this point is the test.According with the ATM response you will know the status of your dump
    If on the ATM screen you will see “WRONG PIN. PLEASE RE-ENTER THE PIN NUMBER” mean that your dump is alive and good to use for in store carding.
    Now, If you will receive a message similar with “TRANSACTION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED” or,”TRANSACTION CANCELED. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ISSUER”. Then mean your dump is not real or is generated but also it can be because the dump is regional locked.


  • If the ATM display a message similar with “SUSPECTED CARD” ,”SUSPENDED CARD” ,”RETAINED CARD” mean that the dump was used. And was reported to the issuer as lost or stolen. And if you would try to do shopping with it you would have to explain to the POS cashier why the POS says “Stolen card”
  • Press “CANCEL” and take your card from the ATM.And by now. You know exactly if your dump is or not alive and good for be used for in store carding

Enjoy checking and of course if you had done some research on this subject and you have some tips or personal observation , feel free to comment


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