PayPal/Skrill Transfer Hack

We guarantee Safe and Easy Cash Transfers to any Client Worldwide using our Reputable PayPal Exploits which makes it possible to hack into PayPal’s Encoded Framework


PayPal Transfer Hack

PayPal/Skrill Transfer is a form of Hacking Transfer Money between PayPal/Xoom account Together. It has some advantages and disadvantages, so it is often less used by Large Organizations. Instead of the Individual or Small Businesses can use it comfortably and is extremely safe for daily expenses.


Skrill Transfer Hack

PayPal/Skrill Transfer is a form of Hacking Transfer Money between PayPal/Xoom account Together. It has some advantages and disadvantages, so it is often less used by Large Organizations. Instead of the Individual or Small Businesses can use it comfortably and is extremely safe for daily expenses.

So How Does it Work?

All monetary transfers make use of dedicated networks which are called Exchange Servers. Each transfer system has its own exchange server. What we do is buy exchange logs from Darkweb gurus called Exchangers and we use these logs through extensive techniques to hack through these transfer srvices and make 100% safe and reliable transfer to you. Once you make your request/order and pay the corresponding fee payment to the Darkweb Exchangers, they would provide us with the Logs and other Tools necessary for the hack, and then we would use it to complete the hack within 1 hour to 6 hours depending on server respond time. After this is done, a successful Transfer which is totally safe would be made to you. The Funds would reflect in your account within the set time (1 hour to 6 hours)

Pricing Table






1 hour



1 hour



1 hour



1 hour



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours

Easy Transactions

All Transactions with Ultimate Tools Hackers are Easy, Simple and Straight Forward.

Guaranteed Delivery

We Take Full Pride in our Skills and We Guarantee Fast and Untraceable Deliveries.

100% Safe & Secure

Security of all Our Clients & Safe Transactions are also Top Priorities to our Team.

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  1. jarmo kylli

    works great
    The site works great, I have been working with and I have always gotten my money on my account in reasonable price. I had the bad experience of scammers, they are all over the internet but this here is real. God bless the day I found They are very good with the best services.

    1. Admin

      Everyone is so nice because we have the best buyers. And we’ve figured out what makes every buyer and visitors happy: Fast response and active attendants always ready to attend to you whenever you need our service. Honestly, we are just there to help with whatever you need.

      Thanks for the Love! Jarmo Kylli


    moneytransferhackers is so quick and easy moving the…
    moneytransferhackers is so quick and easy moving the money from Spain to USA that I recommend it to all my friends living abroad …
    Thanks and I’m so happy I found moneytransferhackers!!!

    1. Admin

      Thank you so much for the great review! We work really hard to bring you the best service with the best affordable price. We are happy to see that reflected in your last visit. We hope to see you again.

      Stay safe! Fernando Rocha Castila

  3. coco

    Excellent service with no hiccups…
    Excellent service with no hiccups. Transfers are very quick. Recently a PayPal transfer from the UK to my girlfriend in Australia arrived the same day. She was so surprised because we thought it might take longer

    1. Admin

      Your many positive comments are really appreciated and thank you for taking time out to make them. It was amazing working with you, We hope to see you around again and again.

      Thank you Coco.

  4. Julian

    A very happy user
    I have been using Moneytransferhackers for a while to send money from France to my family in Canada in CAD and US$. At first, I was so worried about being scammed for the second time because I had previously encountered some scammer site before now and the experience was horrible. But I decided to try them out and they haven’t failed ever since. The transfer was so quick that I initially thought the money was not real. But I was able to access it without any problems.
    I have never had any problems. It is straightforward.

    I would recommend it.

    1. Admin

      Hello Julian,

      We are happy you had an opportunity to stand back on your feet after a horrible experience with scammers. Thank you for the positive response.

  5. Julian Rhodes

    Reliable, speedy transfers
    Easy to use, clear explanations of the various functions, competitive rates. No problems in 8 years (or more) of use.

    1. Admin

      Hello Julain Rhodes,

      Thank you for the honesty, We are always ready to clarify things and recommend transfers according to your budget. It was great working with you.

  6. Adam Armit

    A great platform
    A great platform. It’s a quick and efficient service that is so easy to use. The services are so easy and very customer friendly too. and more importantly a great rate. through Moneytransferhackers I have been able to pay for my chemotherapy with ease and i am also balanced money-wise too. Already recommended to all my friends

    1. Admin

      Hello Adam Armit,

      Thank you for taking out time to leave us your feedback. We are delighted to see you value the effort we have put toward creating an environment where everyone at can thrive.

  7. Allison Bell

    Their rates are very good with wonderful service. They have helped me use little money to gain so much within a very short time. Just last month I made over $95,000. No problems with all my PayPal transfers from the United States to other countries. I haven’t regretted my 4 years of using

    1. Admin

      Hello Allison Bell,

      Thanks for writing a review. We appreciate the feedback. And yes we wholeheartedly agree that transparency is the key to long term business relationship. We are happy doing business with you too.

  8. P McConnel

    I spent years transferring money from…
    I spent years transferring money from the United States to France using PayPal. My brother who lives there always confirms the transfer within minutes. Currently, my entire family uses, and it’s working for all of Us. I am so glad that I found

    1. Admin

      Hello P McConnel,

      We appreciate the Positive comments about our services and how you and your family have benefited.

  9. Douglas

    Greater Ease
    Transfers are easier, faster, and cheaper than using a bank or third-party, At the time when I had just $500, I did the transaction and got a transfer of $5,000 that was my best gift for the month. And now I make so much money weekly. It works in all countries including Brazil where I reside at the moment.THANK YOU MTH

    1. Admin

      Hello Douglas,
      Thanks for the kind words, We love the review and we are happy that you’re able to find so much value using our transfer service.

  10. Francisco Pontussi

    Best service of this type so far
    Easy, fast, and cheap.
    And now since I joined Moneytransferhackers, I have been booming financially. Quickest transfers I have ever gotten. Note that the majority of those other sites are so fake and just want to scam you of your money but Moneytransferhackers are strictly business. In my 3 years of experience with Moneytransferhackers, I have not had a single glitch. Now I can pay for everything I need. I am so grateful for Moneytransferhackers. I have never stopped recommending

    1. Admin

      Hello Francisco Pontussi,
      Thank you for remembering to give us a feedback about our services. One of our utmost responsibility is customer’s satisfaction. Stay safe we hope you do more soon…

  11. Tomas Pudziuvelis

    Here on this website, everything is easy …
    Here on this website, everything is easy and self-explanatory on ..and everything working perfectly with no delay

    1. Admin

      Hello Tomas Pudziuvelis,
      Thank you for the fantastic comment, Everything is clear on the site and explanatory to avoid traffic and delayed response about enquires and clarifications. Thanks for reading through and buying a Paypal Transfer from us. Working with you was also excellent and easy because you came ready!

  12. Jeremy Fred

    Formerly, I had a very bad experience dealing with Paypal. I could no longer withdraw and they blocked me, but someone referred me to Moneytransferhackers and they assisted me and helped increase my credit level. Now money making for me is on a daily bases, I highly recommend them to anyone because they are a life changer

    1. Admin

      Hello Jeremy Fredy,
      Your Response is astonishing as we was not expecting it in a hurry but it came fast! Thank you for being a great buyer and your consistency in getting better. The Sky will be your beginning point.

  13. DannyL LEE

    What an amazing website
    Using moneytransferhackers, MY kids lost their mom and it was so hard coping with babysitting and working so I lost my job after series of queries at the office. Then the financial burden set in. But thanks to moneytransferhackers, I can now afford a nanny, my kids are living well with all the care they deserve. Now overseas transfer to my parents is also very convenient
    If you consider stability, it’s worth it also. I definitely recommend for anyone

    1. Admin

      Hello DannyL Lee,
      Thanks for recommending our service, We have had lots of people back to back coming from your referral and its been truly amazing how you do this. Your personality is out of these world. Once again Thanks!

  14. Barbermaskinekøber

    Money arrived at the exact time as promised. They haven’t disappointed me in my 2 years of patronage. Moneytransferhackers is the best Paypal transfer website and is second to none

    1. Admin

      Hello Barbermaskinekober,
      Your feedback mean a lot to us and on behalf of the team we want to say thank you for believing us.

  15. Kelvin Saunders

    I use Moneytransferhackers every month and…
    I use Moneytransferhackers every month and have found them very good, my last transfer was not a second late regardless of the covid situation. I am very happy to trust Moneytransferhackers with my transfers. Thank you very much

  16. Popescu Consuela

    Excellent service
    I regularly use Moneytransferhackers for transferring money from my GBP account to my RON account. It’s always fast and fees are sensible, one of the lowest on the market. Really happy with the service and highly recommend it!

  17. christian

    Always at the top of efficiency!
    What more can I say, very good follow-up, fast and reliable, very good service, bravo!. I will keep using henceforth and I do not regret the recommendation

  18. Rainer S.

    It is a very good alternative to every… is a very good alternative to every bank account. Easy to use and very quick. I can only recommend it.

    1. Admin

      Hello Rainer S,
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. We want you to feel comfortable sharing good or bad news with us. I’m pleased we were able to make things better and I hope we see you again soon.

  19. wilson hailey

    Just amazing experience and fully trusted
    I’m with for 7 years and had an amazing experience and have full trust has never face a problem with any paypal transfer and even if you face any delays sometimes their support team is very excellent and gives you the correct answer and effective solutions
    You can join with no tension

  20. Ronald Taylor

    Top class currency conversion website
    This is a top-class currency conversion and Transfer website if my experiences with them are anything to go by. Their attention to detail, very attractive conversion rates, security, and speed of transfer are all to be commended. Truly well recommended.

  21. Laura smith

    This was fantastic. I was scared to use but When I finally did, they didn’t let me down in any way. they offer much better rates and give the best value for your money. The transfers are very real and so easy too and you can check the progress of your transfer with ease. Thank you

    1. Admin

      It was a pleasure serving you. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and being so open with us. We hope you’ll come and see us again soon!

  22. Laura smith

    This was fantastic
    This was fantastic. I was scared to use an alternative to the standard services but they offer much better rates. Was so easy and you can check the progress of your transfer at every step, is the best

  23. Rose

    Using is easy
    Using is easy, quick and cost effective. My son gets the cash into his account within a day. The fees to send the cash is not as high as other websites.

  24. karin

    Great service with reasonable fees and…
    Great service with reasonable fees and transparent conversion rates. Super service! Very Satisfied. is the best.

  25. Loré Mats

    I am so happy and want to share my experience. 4years ago my husband Jake was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was one of our worst moments cause having 2 kids and tending to a sick husband with so many bills was hell. I had to work 3 jobs and even with that, I couldn’t afford a nurse for my husband as he was deteriorating fast. We couldn’t keep up with our payments for chemo. I didn’t even have the time to cry cause I had to be strong for my little angels and my husband too. Alicia my firstborn would always ask me if daddy was going to heaven and would give her a solid No. I usually came back home every day with bills packed up in my mail. It was so hard. Last year I had run out of money options, I had nowhere to get a loan, I had no savings and no relations to help so I sat down on my computer and kept searching for the easiest ways to get money with little risk. I got a lot of options, some I couldn’t even try out. Then I came across, the offers sounded very ridiculous like how is that even possible. on the surface I felt it was all a scam to rip me off the little cash I didn’t even have but deep down I was so sure it was my opportunity. After long deliberation, accompanied with long prayers and crossed fingers, I opted for the $500 package as that was what I could afford at the time. After the payment, it seemed like time was moving really slow, I couldn’t stop pacing. I kept praying that this was the right move. Then after some time, I got credited. It felt like a joke and a dream because I couldn’t process it immediately. like I had $5,000. like that was one of the happiest days in those 4years. I even had to wait for 2 hrs more to be sure the transfer was real. After confirmation. I upgraded to the $1,000 package and it worked too and it has been working ever since with no complain whatsoever now I can pay for Jakes chemo, I can afford a nurse and my family is happy. I am so happy I found this platform and will totally recommend them as they have always proven time and time again to be trusted and reliable. Thank you

  26. Cyxbro

    Paypal transfer
    Excellent service fast and reliable. I sent $700 and received $7,000 The transfer was successful within 6 second.
    I do extremely recommend!??

  27. C j Perry

    Reliable & Effecient
    I have found transactions Reliable and executed quickly.
    Paypal transfer with is the most straightforward procedure. The $1500 fee got me a speedy transfer of $15,000. Thank you


    moneytransferhackers is so quick and easy moving the…
    moneytransferhackers is so quick and easy moving the money from Spain to USA that I recommend it to all my friends living abroad because it was the best for me during the lockdown when banks were non functional …
    Thanks and I’m so happy I found moneytransferhackers!!!

  29. sheila brooks

    Transfers happens Immediately
    Transfers happen Immediately
    Have found I always get the best rate with
    Cost of transfer and amount the recipient will receive is very transparent. All my recent transfers worked very fast. works with speed

  30. Richard Gordon Wildman Kettlew

    I am most impressed by Moneytransferhackers…
    I am most impressed by Moneytransferhackers’ service. So quick and efficient- and I feel so safe doing PayPal transfers with them. I trust them. Plus it is the cheapest way to transfer money! It is truly a very useful service and I would recommend it to anyone requiring this website. Thank you for always saving my life always

  31. m. velotti

    For me it’s very important to send…
    For me it’s very important to send money to my family. So we live in different countries means different currencies and with this site, with woul=d take almost no time at all. It is cheaper than all the providers i have encountered. Keep it up

  32. David

    Awesome experience
    Awesome experience. They are good and it always works. Their customer service is excellent. I would recommend Moneytransferhackers to anyone. They are good at what they do 100%

  33. Jane

    Happy with their service
    I have used moneytransferhackers several times, very happy with their service. They are quick and reliable competitive rate. I have always recommended their services to all my family as well as friends. Thank you

  34. Roger

    Found this to be the easiest and…
    Found this to be the easiest and cheapest way to transfer money to my account in Ireland. Best services so far. Totally affordable rates. is one of the best decisions of my life.

  35. Susie Shane

    Easy, Economical, and Lightning Fast
    We use to send funds each month to our son who is attending university overseas. It’s super easy, economical and lightning fast. Last time he had the money in his account in 7 seconds! This site is highly recommended

  36. Lindsay Postlethwaite

    Great, easy to use the website and very…
    Great, easy to use the website and very reasonably priced. They have the best rates so far. I was very sceptical on my first trial but they did not disappoint me
    Many thanks,
    Lindsay Postlethwaite

  37. Guilherme Barbosa

    Never had a problem with Moneytransferhackers
    Never had a problem with Moneytransferhackers. The service just gets better and better. I fully recommend their services. All the times I sent money from Bulgaria to my brother in Russia it has been perfect and always right on time. My last transaction was $1500 and I received a $15,000 transfer. Moneytransferhackers IS ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME

  38. Sanz Healthcare Limited

    I have tagged EEE Economic, Easy, Efficient
    I transfer money monthly and it’s incredibly easy and cheap. My paypal transfers have always been within Europe and it’s just a matter of seconds now I’ve started to transfer money from Europe to Canada and it takes just a few minutes. it’s been just as easy. Moneytransferhackers are the best

  39. Louise

    Transferring Money
    I can’t fault how easy and quick it is to transfer money from France to, my family, in Bulgaria at a very reasonable charge. i will most definitely recommend their services

  40. Richard Panting

    I have used for some years…
    I have used for some years now, and they are BRILLIANT! Fast, easy, seamless. I made a mistake on one transfer and they fixed it with no fuss. Well done guys, highly recommended

  41. DORN B

    Highly recommended.
    I have used on a number of occasions. All transactions have been carried out faultlessly and super-speedily. Their charges are always at a rate that would be hard to beat elsewhere.

    All in all, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fast and reliable PayPal transfer service

  42. P McConnel

    I spent years transferring money from the United States to France using PayPal. I am so glad that I found I transfered money from United states to my family in France, I highly recommend.

  43. Josh

    My go-to for paypal transfers
    Working as expected. Money was where it was supposed to be when it was said it would be. They have saved me from various money crisis on numerous occasions. Moneytransferhackers is the best

  44. Darrell Merrett

    I always use moneytransferhackers their service…
    I always use moneytransferhackers their service is excellent and their website is easy to use. Their costs are very reasonable and Paypal transfers are usually completed in seconds. It has always been easy with them

  45. Cody Miller

    Very efficient and fast..
    Very efficient and fast… After 2 years they keep getting better.. I will highly recommend their services at anytime

  46. Marc

    Wow, there is no issue with receiving payments they pay up within seconds!! Just received my first payment after i sent $10,000 i received $100,000 and it was so quick and easy. This is the best site for all paypal transfers. i highly recommend Moneytransferhackers.

  47. Thomas W

    I’ve used many times over…
    I’ve used many times over the past five years-plus to transfer money from my US bank account to my account in Germany. Most often this has been every two or three months, typically $5,000 or so each time. The transfers have been straightforward and fast. The only significant delays are caused by bank holidays and weekends. If I start a transfer Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, I usually receive the money in my German bank account the morning of the next business day. Recently I’ve found it quickest to use the site

    The exchange rate is without reduction or charge, just what I see quoted that day on the website. Moneytransferhackers’ fee is a percentage of the sum sent. I think I pay a fee of about $500 to transfer $5,000. This is much cheaper than my bank would charge.

    I have no hesitation recommending I am very satisfied and I’ve never had the slightest difficulty.

  48. Steve Mark

    I love
    I love Traditional banks are really difficult to use for international transactions. My life has been made a lot easier because of keep up the good work.

  49. Ray White

    Very pleased with the most recent transaction…
    Very pleased with the most recent transaction. it took no time for my son to get his gift through Everything has always worked perfectly. And I am based in Bulgaria while my son is currently in Kuwait. I paid a fee of $4,000 and my son received $40,000. And he confirmed that he got the money in a very short time.

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